Safety Planning Checklist

Creating a personal safety plan is a useful method to increase safety.

Before You Are Ready To Leave:
• Establish a verbal code word with family and friends to identify when you are in trouble
• Ask a neighbor to call the police if violence beings
• Hide any weapons, if safe
• Arrange for safety/care of pets  

Pack an “Escape Bag” with:
• Driver’s License or photo identification
• Birth Certificates for you and your children
• Social Security cards for you and your children
• EBT card, Medicaid, insurance cards, and Financial Information,
• Checkbook, ATM card, etc.
• Money, credit cards, bank books, etc.
• Proof of income for self and partner

Legal Papers To Have With You:
• Your Injunction for Protection (if you have one)
• Lease, rental agreement, house deed
• Car registration and insurance papers
• Health and life insurance papers
• Medical records for you & your children
• Immigration papers

Other Important Items:
• Names and addresses of family members
• House, car and safety deposit box keys
• Medicines and all prescriptions (extra)
• Jewelry, glasses, dentures, contact lenses
• Pictures of you, your children and your abusive partner
• Change of clothes for you and your children (diaper bag, bottles, etc.)
• Security blanket, favorite book and toy for your child

If you need help leaving an abusive relationship, call the Spring’s 24 hour crisis hotline:
813-247-SAFE (7233).