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Legal Representation

Denise Vaughan, Esq. (Lead Attorney)
(813) 495-3523

Yesenia B. Rodriguez, Esq.
(813) 495-2403 (Fluent in Spanish)

Yusuf Khoudmi, Esq.
(813) 860-7768 (Fluent in Spanish)

Megan Montagno, Esq.
(813) 450-5278

Victoria McNeal, Esq.
(813) 734-4221

Katie Ruel, Esq.
(813) 981-3645

Teresa Cordoba, Esq.
(813) 981-3652 (Fluent in Spanish)


This project was supported by VOCA-2016-Florida Coalition Against-00842 awarded by the Office for Victims of Crime, Office of Justice Programs. Sponsored by the Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence-Legal Project (FCADV) and the State of Florida.


24 Hour Crisis Hotline: (813) 247-7233

TTY NUMBER: (813) 248-1050