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Legal Assistance

Legal expertise is provided free of charge to Spring participants at our emergency shelter, in our Outreach Services locations, and throughout the county, both by Bay Area Legal Services staff co-located with us and by The Spring’s five IFP Project Attorneys*

IFP Project Attorneys located at The Spring of Tampa Bay* provide free legal services to help obtain injunctions for protection for survivors of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual violence and stalking. Services provided by these attorneys include:

•Meet with survivors to provide legal advice to determine whether seeking an injunction is a safe and appropriate legal remedy.
•Complete and file petitions for injunctions for survivors and represent them at the final injunction hearing.
•Represent survivors who have obtained temporary injunctions and request representation at the hearing on the final injunction.
•Represent survivors who have a final injunction for protection at a civil hearing for a violation of the injunction, or refer violations to the State Attorney for prosecution.
•Represent survivors at hearings to extend or modify an injunction.
•Assist survivors in defending against a motion to dismiss an injunction.
•Attend continued injunction hearings regarding child support, alimony, and timesharing requested in an injunction petition.

*The Spring of Tampa Bay is not providing the legal services and is acting only as an intermediary to refer survivors to the following Florida Bar Licensed Attorneys employed by The Spring:

Denise Vaughan, Esq. (Lead Attorney)
(813) 495-3523

Megan Montagno, Esq.
(813) 450-5278

Yusuf Khoudmi, Esq.
(813) 860-7768 (Fluent in Spanish)

Yesenia B. Rodriguez, Esq.
(813) 495-2403 (Fluent in Spanish)

Victoria McNeal, Esq.
(813) 734-4221


This project was supported by VOCA-2016-Florida Coalition Against-00842 awarded by the Office for Victims of Crime, Office of Justice Programs. Sponsored by the Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence-Legal Project (FCADV) and the State of Florida.


24 Hour Crisis Hotline: (813) 247-7233

TTY NUMBER: (813) 248-1050