Get Help Now

If you are in immediate danger, call 911.


If you need help leaving an abusive relationship, or if you need an emergency shelter, call The Spring’s 24-hour domestic violence crisis hotline: 813-247-SAFE (7233). All services are free of charge.


Do you know the warning signs of an abusive relationship? Are you in a relationship in which you do not feel safe? Do you ever feel threatened or forced to do something you do not want to do?


You do not have control over your partner’s behavior. But you do have a choice about how you respond to it.


Leaving an absuive relationship can be difficult and dangerous. We are here to support you during the process and provide information to enhance your safety.


If you feel you may be in an abusive relationship, we encourage you to reach out to a domestic violence advocate who can assist you with developing a safety plan.


Internet Safety

Warning: Abusers use many tactics to maintain power and control. One tactic is monitoring your activity, including computer activity. If you think your computer activities are being monitored, we advise extreme caution.


Often, it is safer to use a computer in a public library, community technology center, or a trusted friend’s house.


Click here for more information on how to clear your browsing history.